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Learn quicker and safer than ever before

1-To-1 Skateboard lessons

Every programme is designed for you or your child. These programmes are a great way to start skateboarding or progress your existing skills to the next level.

During the lesson your coach will guide you through everything you need to know and provide you with all the equipment you will need to learn safely and confidently.

Beginners will start with the fundamentals such as:

  • Finding out their stance (Regular or Goofy)
  • Correct foot positioning
  • How to push and stop properly
  • Balancing on the skateboard
  • Turning on the floor and ramps
  • Going down and dropping in on “flat banks” and “quarter pipes”

More advanced skaters will work on:

  • Altering and progressing current techniques
  • Learning skills that ultimately achieve a number of larger goals
  • Progressing to more advanced tricks and skills under the guidance of the coach
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