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ABC Skateboarding was started in 2010 as a way to introduce skateboarding to people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, ability or gender.

Founded by Alex Barton, a semi-professional skater who has competed nationally and has a background in personal tuition and sports coaching, with his knowledge we are able to offer expert coaches with unique training programs to ensure skill and trick development along with  personal growth.

Working closely with Local Education Authorities, as well as leisure centers and skate parks throughout the UK, ABC Skateboarding have introduced thousands of people to skateboarding, providing a way to stay active and healthy and offering an exciting alternative to traditional sports.

Our team of instructors run regular After school skateboard lessons, half-term courses, and deliver private one-to-one skateboard lessons and birthday parties. Our flexible and friendly approach to teaching, as well as a full range of safety equipment, means our students can learn in a comfortable and relaxed way without the pressures of grading or exams, with competent and experienced teachers on hand at all times.

Skateboarding is a fantastic activity that as well as being a great way to stay active and healthy, also encourages individuality and creativity so it is our belief that skateboarding should be easily accessible to everyone.

Our approach has won the approval of pupils, parents, and teachers. 

As soon as pupils understand the fundamentals of skateboarding, we’re ready to teach them more difficult skills like going down ramps and the Ollie, which will set them up for a lifetime of skateboarding.   

Our teachers are passionate about this and all trained the ABC way. The result is a clear difference between the children we have taught to skateboard and those taught elsewhere.

Since we started our pioneering approach has changed the way skateboard lessons are taught.